You ARE God – Live




What is your most memorable moment from “You ARE God” Live recording?


 “When you fell out! Lol for real tho Because I know you gave everything mentally spiritually physically to bring the vision God gave you 👏 next was when the song came back around and it was 🔥🔥 again” – Mary Liz Grooms


” Pratt When you all demanded us to shift the atmosphere because God said and the whole building went into a praise frenzy. Also the cousins shouting in support and in worship” Tay Pratt

” I don’t have a great moment. All of it was spectacular. From the beginning to the end.Still basking in Gods presence from the recording. God really really used you young lady. If I just have to name one. It would be how the service begin. It was such an awe & holy moment!!!” – Sylvia Hicks

 “When the everyone was worshipping in unison that what got the Holy Spirit’s attention.” – Shaun Anthony